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I have been arguing the toss with BT for months to get my phone bill cut down as I am paying around £50 a month for a landline - which I only used 4 times last month - and broadband. After calling them again today and getting rather heated I was offered "BT Basic" which is available to disabled people and costs £9.99 a month. I have told them I am disabled before and having problems paying the bill but they have NEVER referred me to this scheme before. In order to qualify you need to be be getting one of these benefits:

Income Support
Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
Pensions Credit (Guaranteed Credit)
Employment and Support Allowance (Income related)
Universal Credit (and are on zero earnings).

get all the info from:

or phone them up. They will send you a form in the post which must be returned within 14 days, then they confirm with the DWP before the new tariff starts.

I wish the bug$$£s told me years ago, I would have saved a fortune!


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    Thank you for this useful information Mike1 :D

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    We had a similar deal, changed to the more expensive 'no further cost' deal and it's worked out cheaper.

    If you have BT broadband sign in to your account and do the speed check for down and upload speeds, if there is a fault a report gets sent to BT, we did it, they contacted us with the result that they sent us a new router, free.
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    Thanks for this tip, I'll definitely be looking into this