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Well, I got the letter on Friday that announced that they had received my appeal letter for my ESA. Now i just have to get medical letters to send off and speak with the CAB.

Also got the letter on Friday that my PIP Mandatory Appeal letter has also been turned down, so it will be off to the CAB to get another letter written up and gather the medical evidence.....again!

From what i have been told this is a chance where i can speak, if i wish to, or i can get the CAB person acting on my behalf to do the talking. I will have to wait till nearer the time to see how i feel.
All of this is going to take ages. I've been referred to the Ortho consultant for a steroid injection in my hip as climbing the Stagecoach bus steps are proving harder. The buses on different routes vary. Now i'm no longer able to go and see my family due to medical appointments each week and bus problems. Train is easier, but i can't afford that now that there is no money coming in.

Receiving the letter and seeing the letterhead is not nice. At least on Tuesday things will move ahead a wee bit further.......


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    It sounds as if things are becoming astonishingly difficult both in form-filling and in actual mobility. I hope CB will come up trumps. I'm afraid I can't help with any advice re buses and trains. I couldn't do either by the time I got my first Mobility Allowance back in the '70's. I suspect the fact that you can, albeit with difficulty, is working against you. Cóuld your epilepsy consultant help more?
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