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Hi everyone
My name is Ann, I suffer from inflammatory arthritis. I am finding life extremely hard at present because of chronic pain. I am tired of being told I don't look sick or somebody has a grandmother with arthritis and she walks 5 miles a day and goes swimming etc etc etc. Right now I'd be happy to walk down stairs without pain. I am not looking sympathy nor am I wanting to wallow in self pity I am just glad to be able to join a forum where I can get practical advice on coping with pain and maybe even some tips on weight loss and exercise. Sorry for the rant today is a bad pain day t2507
Wishing you all a comfortable night


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    Hi Ann and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forums.

    So sorry to hear you have inflammatory arthritis and are having a bad pain day. Flares are all too typical and the fact we "don't look sick" just seems to rub it in :(

    There is a good section on our website specifically about pain management plus ones on diet and exercise, all from one handy jumping off point:


    You can also speak to an advisor if you want to in complete confidence by contacting the freephone help line on 0800 5200 520 Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm

    Your question posted on the Living with Arthritis, "Inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia" and how to cope when painkillers don't seem to work should get some really helpful replies.

    Best wishes
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    Thank you for your reply, I'm so glad to have found this site, I think if I voice my concerns to someone who understands will help me find a way of coping.
    Thanks for being there t4591
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    Hello, I just did a long reply to you on the Living with arthritis board then a stray finger drifted across my virtual keyboard which, for once, decided to react, and I lost the lot. :x I will trying again later when my temper has improved.

    I began psoriatic arthritis back in 1997 when I was 37 but it wasn't accurately diagnosed until 2006. I was, of course, immediately promoted to HP status (Honorary Pensioner) so now, aged 60, am very nearly the right article. :lol: OA was diagnosed in 2011 and fibro shortly after that. Currently that is active after a change in medication for the PsA and I have spent far more time in bed than out if it since the beginning of April. So be it. This takes me back to my childhood where, between April to September, I was lucky to breathe (no inhalers in those days) let alone anything else so this is no great hardship, more of a nuisance. I'll be back later when I am more up to things - I've expended useful energy typing replies and then stupidly deleting what would have been my last post for the morning. :lol: DD
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    Hi DD, you really made me chuckle, thanks for that. I have a feeling my story is very similar to yours. I've been battling symptoms since my mid 30s,but my GP dismissed them as depression and grief. I feel a little better now I know it's not just me . I'm so glad to have discovered this forum and feel I can now chat with people who understand. Thanks again for the giggle :lol: