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Hello, my name is Phil, this is my first post, I've got R.A. Fibromyalgia, on arthritis of the spine. Diagnosed with R.A. Christmas time 2008, didn't really know what rheumatoid bit ment back then, but learnt very quickly. I wanted to know every thing I could about this thing that was about to take my lively hood away from me. In that time it's taken my mobility and my job, but not my sense of homour (I laugh at it every day) it's one of the best medication to take. So everbody KEEP SMILING :lol:


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    Hi whistle Phil
    Welcome to the forum.Sorry you are going through a lot of pain at the moment with your diagnosis. Everyone on the forum understands about pain as we all have various levels of pain and Arthritis of some kind so just choose a forum and start chatting the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    Hope all goes well Christine
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    Hi Phil and welcome from me too. Sorry you qualify to join us but, yes, you're quite right, it can't take our sense of humour away. That's our choice.

    I've had RA and OA for far too many years. Knees and hips replaced. Other joints highly individualistic.

    Please join in anywhere on any thread. We don't bite and humour is always appreciated.
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    Hello, I have psoriatic arthritis, OA and fibromyalgia. The first was always a possibility having been born with eczema and developing asthma aged seven, both over-active immune system conditions. Back in the early sixties when I had all this the steroid creams and inhalers did not exist, so life was challenging (as was maintaining it during the summer).

    The diagnosis of OA in 2011 was a real shock because I naively thought that I had ticked the arthritis box, what an idiot. :lol: I had begun my own little business back in 1995 and managed to flog on until around 2012, what finished me off in that pattern of life was a double carpal tunnel operation. Like you I love laughing and can find the funny side in all matters arthritic - as I totter round the bedroom first thing I sometimes wink at my husband and say 'Not bad for 60!'. We all get it because we've all got it, not many members post regularly but rest assured the readers have it too. DD
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