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Hi everyone
I just wanted to share with you all that my day was not so good today. I tend to think that my line manager and the service manager is setting me up to fail. I have recently returned back to work and in their own little way they are pressure on me. I am phasing back to work but they speak to me as if I am an idiot. I am living with arthritis and have my moments at work sometimes where I try to focus on y work at my own pace. It is so petty for a work colleague to complain to my line manager that I had switched off the computer when he had locked the computer. I apologized but it seems that it was not good enough, so petty.
I am still waiting for the OT to see me at work. I just felt under valued and that we are all adults at work and I don't think it was necessary considering that he went to use a different computer.
Anyway where I work since I have had toe fusion things has not been the same when I returned back to work. I am looking to move on and hoping that the jobs that I have applied for at the job-centre that I will get an interview, especially as I have applied via the disability confident link.
Thanks VA for putting that information onto the website.


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    It's a long time since I was able to do paid work, Marcia but both back then, and now reading the forum, I realise that nothing has changed. Every workplace has its petty people who seem to get a kick out of making life difficult for other. Just ignore them and rise above it. Don't let them make you unhappy.
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    People will be people wherever they are and whatever they are doing. I am a firm believer in speaking to and treating others as I wish to be spoken to and treated: people tend to assume that they deserve respect without actually having to prove that they do. We are all perfectly imperfect.

    As for troublesome neighbours it matters not where one lives because neither landlords nor banks are responsible for the behaviour of their tenants or mortgagees. We had a recent episode with a neighbour's dope-head son and doped-up friends firing an air rifle at the back of our property at 7am, having been up all night partaking of illegal substances. People will be people wherever they are. The rented property next door however? No trouble whatsoever despite having three sons under the age of ten. It's the luck of the draw.

    I am thoroughly confused now about your toe: exactly what have you had done? A fusion is a surgical procedure to fix a joint in one position and it can take months to fully recover. An infusion is liquid medication, done via the veins (usually in the arms) and can take a few hours. You have mentioned both procedures hence my muddle. :oops: DD
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    That is definitely petty as you said and not worth bothering the boss about. I'm sure that your boss noted this person's pettiness and also.
    The workplace can be so upsetting when people do spiteful things and there is usually someone who enjoys making things hard for others. Try not to let people like that bring you down. Everyone makes mistakes. Their complaining about you making a simple mistake won't get them anywhere.
    Good luck with job hunting.