Hi from a long time osteoarthritis sufferer.

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Hi folk, I'm Stevo and have suffered from arthritis for at least 20 years possibly longer. Mine is due to a trauma injury when I was 17. As a consequence I have arthritis in my ankle joint and the ankle sub talar joint. I have limited movement of my foot with severley reduced up and down and side to side motion. When it is bad I can lose all motion and have terrible pain. At this stage I cannot walk. over the years I have had various treatments. Arthroscopy debridement, guided steroid injections, physiotherapy, custom made orthotics and tried lots of drugs. I'm in pain most days but I manage it as best I can. My life saver has been able to work from home - until now. My company wants to take away my full time work from and force me to commute to an office three times a week. I'm fighting this. Anyway, here are some questions. Under the equality law I think I am a person with a disability. My company are appearing to doubt this. What do you think about this and have you ever experienced this sort of thing? Btw I have been wfh for 11 years and my manager knows my situation and the treatment I have had.


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    Hi Stevo,
    Welcome to the forum.
    So sorry to hear that you've been suffering from arthritis for so many years, that it continues to cause you problems and you're finding it so terribly painful.
    You may like to get in touch with the CAB, if you haven't already done so, who can provide you with specialist advice as regards equality law.
    Our help line will also be able to provide you with confidential advice, the number is 0800 520 0520. Here's the link: https://www.versusarthritis.org/get-help/

    Do join in with any of the forums.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Stevo. Sorry to hear you 'qualify' to join us. Unfortunately, OA (osteoarthritis) can often set in at the site of a previous bone injury and often move elsewhere too. The surgery and other things you mention will help - sometimes temporarily - but not cure. My saving graces for walking have been surgical shoes and exercises. I've had RA and OA for many years and my ankles have both fused themselves so are not very painful at all now though they certainly were while it was happening :lol:

    I'm sorry your company is now proving difficult. Perhaps you manage so well they have forgotten you are disabled :roll: But I think you could challenge them if only to ask for taxi fares to and from work. Have a look here and see what you think.
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    Hello, I have OA in both ankles, both knees and both hips, all as a result of my other arthritis. I began when I was 37 and am now 60, I worked for seventeen years but was fortunate to be self-employed so could tailor things to suit myself. I am still mobile, probably thanks to using aids since 2002, and can now, after much hard work on both my physical stamina and improving my confidence, walk short distances unaided but never without pain. What aids do you have to help you? A walking pole could be of great help, to be held in the hand opposite to the affected ankle; they are also spring which helps to ease the impact on the wrist etc.

    Pain relief is an essential part of my armoury for dealing with the OA, I take a small regular amount which leaves room to increase for when things worsen. Exercise is also important to help keep the muscles surrounding the joint as strong and flexible as possible to better support the joint. I don't bother with taking supplements as I am too far gone.

    I have never thought myself as being disabled, I've just had to do many things differently is all. It might be worth your having a look at the Benefits and Working Matters board on here to see how other people have been treated by their employers. My boss was lovely. :wink: DD
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