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Hello again everyone. As I said in my first post I've come to knee osteoarthritis very recently so am still finding my way in terms of managing it. I've had a big flare this week and ended up at the doctor's again because my knee swelled so much I couldn't walk properly. On Friday of last week, the doctor I saw moved my joint around into positions it doesn't like but it didn't hurt there and then. The following day I had pain from the off but was meeting relatives who'd come specially to spend the day looking round my hometown so I just had to stick it out for a few hours. On Sunday the pain had gone so we went out for the afternoon and strolled/rested around one of the lovely gardens near us. I think we sat and read our books as much as we walked. On Monday I did the full set of exercises the physio had given me. On Tuesday the knee started to swell so I tried to take it easy but on Wednesday it wasn't hurting so I went for a 30 minute stroll and later took the bus to town and back to see friends. On Thursday I couldn't walk properly because of the swelling but the pain was ok. Basically I'm asking, how do people recognise a flare might be coming up and what do they do? I did the exercises because I hadn't had pain on Sunday but although they are the general muscle strengthening ones, they seemed to really upset it. I have two weeks' supply of Naprosyn but realise now the doctor didn't tell me whether to take the whole course or stop when it settles and keep the rest for another time.


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    Hello, as you may remember I have OA in a number of joints and have had for some time. As far as I am concerned it doesn't flare, rather it is aggravated by my overdoing things; over the years I have learned to stop when I think I can do more and to ration what I do. It can also be aggravated by the weather which I cannot control but I reduce my physical behaviour accordingly.

    Don't be misled by your joint pain easing after rest because that is what happens in the early years. The joint is damaged hence the pain when it is stressed. It is in the early years that we learn what - and what not - to do, when we develop the strategies to help us cope with the challenges it brings. After an active day such as entertaining guests don't exercise, rest. When you know you have a busy day on Wednesday take things easier on Tuesday. As for the Nap mine used to have dosage instructions on the box, does yours? DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben