Company trying to remove my reasonable adjustment.

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Hi, I have had a reasonable adjustment in place for 11 years where I work full time from home. The company is now trying to remove this. They have referred me to occupational health and on the referral form they have stipulated that any guidance for a reasonable adjustment should not include working from home. I'm not sure this should be allowed. Surely, it should be up to OH to recommend what they think is the best reasonable adjustment even if that is full time work from home? Bear in mind I have been wfh for 11 years and have had no issues at all. In fact it is now far easier because of all the new collaboration tools such as video conferencing. I'm thinking of refusing the OH referral because the company is telling OH what to do. Under the equality act it would be proven I have a disability. Basically they are trying to get me into an office three times a week but there is no way I could agree to that. Anyway, I'd be pleased to hear anyone's thoughts as I feel a bit lonely here. :(


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    Do you belong to a union as this is the kind of thing they deal with. It does seem strange that more than a decade down the line the company wants to make you change when, as you say, technology has moved on. Have you been given any reason?
    I don't know if this is applicable, from this website.
    If you ask for flexible working, you do not have to talk about disability. But, it’s easier for your employer to say no and if they do say yes, they can change their mind in future if you have not asked for flexible working as a reasonable adjustment for a disabled person.
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    It seems to me that there are several issues involved here, some of which may hinge on whether the company has you down as disabled.
    Have you approached CAB - they might be able to clarify whether the company can direct the conclusions of the OH report. Like you I find that odd, but in terms of whether you comply with or refuse the OH referral it may be 'damned if you do, damned of you don't. A refusal may count against you but if the report is skewed that will be unhelpful to you as well.
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    Have a look at this too, it may help
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    Hi. Access to work came into my place of work and are very good. Please contact them. If you have worked from home for years what reason have they given you to want to change that now. Good luck