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The day started with a WhatsApp message on the family link from our son in USA. 'Please, don't any of you tell me the score!'

The rest of us gathered round our TV. It was reminiscent of the 50s and 60s when, for big events, all neighbours crammed into the one house in the street that had TV. Even Jip, the Border Collie our son was dog-sitting, was content to lie down with us once we were all rounded up together. Our lovely daughter-in-law had prepared coronation chicken and rice plus gooseberry shortcake and ice cream. Knee food :D

I'm still struggling to believe it all. England don't win limited overs cricket. England are gallant losers, sometimes just losers. Our emotions ran the full gamut – expectation, anxiety, hope, fear, despair, hope, joy, astonishment, hope, despair, disappointment, perplexity, hope, despair, wonder, hope, despair, amazement.

And then the hiatus before the super over. The speculation. Who would bat / bowl? Buttler and Stokes were givens except that soon-to-be Man of the Match Stokes was utterly spent. Archer was the meanest bowler we had but he was young and inexperienced. Who dares wins. Morgan dared.

Our batsmen took on the best Kiwi bowler. In our 15 runs we got two sixes the latter one a fluke. It should have been two but, when Stokes flung himself full length over the line to beat the incoming ball, it struck him and went for four overthrows. There was no argument from the sporting Kiwis. They knew it wasn't deliberate. Stokes' face was in the grass at the time. And for some time after.

Then young Archer, whose inexperience was a concern, began his over with a wide – a wide outside off stump :shock: We groaned and despaired and his captain had a gentle word with him. And then it got worse. Then better. Then it got tight. And then they needed three off two. Then two off the last ball. And, as if adrenaline didn't exist, Jason Roy threw the ball unerringly straight to keeper Buttler. And Guptill crashed, too late, into the stumps. And we'd won.

And our living room erupted. And possibly the best bit was that we all shared it together – the highs, the lows, the despair, the hope, the frantic calculations and the joyous disbelief. And the latter is still with me.

And, thoughtfully, no-one messaged USA where number one son would just be waking up to a wonderful day ahead.
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    That was better than actually watching it Sticky, well done for holding off from telling your son in the USA.

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    I am pleased you had such a terrific day, Mr DD was in the sitting room with the big telly whilst I had the smaller telly in the bedroom to Wimbledon. One of us was very happy with the outcome of their sporting day and it wasn't me.

    Many congratulations indeed to the England cricket team, I hope they can build on this success and keep up their confidence! DD
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    Thank you, Kathleen. It's very kind of you to say so.

    DD, we were keeping in touch with Wimbledon between overs. I'm sorry your man lost after an epic struggle.

    The USA element of the family is now as happy as the rest of us. We are slowly beginning to believe it but we all do agree with the Kiwi coach that, in future, if the super over yields no result, the trophy should be shared.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    SW you summed that up brilliantly ..not that I understand it but love the enthusiasm of all the fans.. the roar at the end.. :D
    like DD we watched the tennis..and wanted Roger to win but what a game.. :D