elbow or biceps pain

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The motion of bending and unbending my elbow when using the computer mouse is causing pain between elbow and shoulder, What can I do about it. is there a way of providing support to the muscle


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    Tubigrip. DD
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    I think the solution probably depends on what's causing the pain. Elbow sounds like joint pain but biceps sounds more like muscular pain.

    Whatever the cause, it's always best not to spend too long at a computer. Get up every half hour and stretch your arm, shoulder, wrist and fingers the opposite way to how they've been when using the mouse.

    I think there are techie alternatives to a mouse but i don't know what they are. I get some relief by using my left hand occasionally and / or using one finger from each hand to move the mouse around.

    As DD suggests, tubigrip might help but it might also enable you to carry on doing what is causing the problem. It would be better not to cause it in the first place unless your job requires it.
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    As Sticky says it's worth seeing what the cause is. Height of work surface affects 'angle of dangle' which may be less than optimal. Another problem may be tension on your working side - if someone looks at you have you got one shoulder higher than the other or do the muscles look bunched up - may be linked with the first point but is also one of those sub-conscious bad habits we can get into, like sitting skewiff on a chair.
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    I have had a similar thing,I went to a osteopath who gave me a set of exercises to do which stretched the tendons and muscles, it has proved successful.