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Been suffering from RA for 10 years. Had 2 knee replacements in York. Have appt. at Harrogate. Anyone else been there?


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    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community, paulineea, from the moderating team. If you have any problems at all using the forum do contact us by personal message. I am very glad you’ve found us; this is definitely the right place to talk about arthritis with those who understand.

    Being in the Midlands myself I have no personal experience of Rheumatology at Harrogate, but a quick google gave it 4.5 stars at least. Hopefully someone here might have some knowledge of the service.

    Take a look around the boards and join in wherever you wish you will be made very welcome :)

    Best wishes

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    Hi, I've no experience of rheumatology or orthopaedics there but I did have an endoscopy and colonoscopy and the consultant was an absolute star getting my results to me quickly so that I could get my travel insurance. I also had a trip to A and E once. Everyone was great.

    A friend had a THR there and spoke highly of it.
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    Hello, I cannot help because I live in East Anglia but want to wish you well. What is the appointment at Harrogate for? I presume it's something connected to your RA. DD
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