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Hiya everyone
First post so be kind. Have my first NHS appt with a consultant in late August, but decided to pay and get an initial diagnosis yesterday. I have an arthritic right knee with bone spur which has recently decided to lock too. I was told that I need a TKR (total knee replacement).
My question, the first of many I'm sure, is there is so much information out there, can someone please direct me to how I found out about each consultant in my area (Herts), their success rate, why they use a specific implant and why? I think I need to have as much information as possible before my first NHS appt.
Regards, Steve


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    Hello and welcome 1958slewis to Versus Arthritis Community Forum

    Sorry to read of your recent problems and the potential of knee surgery. Your will find that many of our forum users have had a TKR, some having both TKRs. Many of the forum user will be in a position to offer some good help and advice how they personally managed. I'm not sure how you can find information/stats of your surgeon, can I suggest you call the above helpline number to seek advice, again, perhaps one of forum members will be able to help.

    I have found a link that may be of help to you:-

    Enjoy the forum.

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    Hi Steve. I'll try to be kind :D

    I've had three knee replacements, all very successful. I started young with RA so got my first two when I was 31. One of them has since been replaced. It was 27yrs old by then. I look after my implants :wink:

    Now, about finding out about consultants – I really don't know if one can choose. We can choose hospitals – I see you've already done so – but, within the hospital I think one takes whoever is allocated. I could be wrong and if you re-post on the Living With Arthritis forum (I suggest an explicit header of 'Choosing a consultant' or something similar) someone might see it who knows the answer.

    What I can tell you is that you will usually get better surgeons in teaching hospitals. I've been very fortunate in that, for all all my replacement operations (I have two THRs too) I was living in the catchment area of an excellent teaching hospital. But other hospitals do a good job too.

    Knee replacements are a very routine operation these days and, to a large extent, success depends on our own preparations and aftercare ie doing the exercises, resting, not trying to rush things.

    I don't think consultants favour a certain type of replacement. From what they've told me it's more a matter of 'horses for courses'. A young, very active person might get a different type to an older man or woman. I never asked what type of implant I was having but I do know (because my consultant recently told me) that it's all much easier now for the surgeon. Previously they had to get it right first time: now they can take it out and readjust if it's not ideally placed.

    I hope your appointment goes well and, if you've any further questions, please fire away though preferably on the Living With Arthritis forum where more people will see.
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    Many thanks for your reply. I will investigate further and post something on the forum you suggest.