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So I had an eye test today as I thought my prescription had changed. I've been experiencing some blurring, eyesight fading in and out on my right eye, feeling gritty and the dry eye problem Ive had for years.
So it turns out there is damage to my cornea so i have been referred to to a specialist, optician said is possibly related to the arthritis.
I have had psoriatic arthritis for around 25 years, I know there are issues linked with the disease.

Does anyone have the issues, diagnosis, anything similar?



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    Not yet but I daresay my time will come, it usually does. I hope that something can be done to make things more comfortable for you, please let us know how you get on. DD
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    I see the eye clinic at our hospital , had RA for about 25 years , always had dry eyes , but have other problems like Scleritis & raised eye pressures which causes glaucoma , they do alot of checks at clinic , like check peripheral vision , photo back of eye , so they can check any damage

    It would be good to get it sorted , cant mess with your vision
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    I've had Sjogren's Syndrome almost as long as I've has RA (32 years). It has got worse lately and some days I can hardly see. It caused me to lose the sight in my left eye after 7 operations which all failed, including a corneal graft. Totally unrelated, I now have a cataract in my other eye.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, I've been doing some reading up on it, seems eye issues not uncommon with psoriatic arthritis and other forms so I'll just wait and see what the consultant says when I get there