gap between hip replacements

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Assuming all goes well with my hip replacement how long will it be before I can get the other one replaced


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    There are so many factors to take into account which make that an impossible question to answer. DD
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    I don’t know how much help it will be, my brother (living in Cheshire) had both hips diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis. He chose which hip he wanted 'doing' first, interestingly not clinically the worst but definitely worse from a functioning point of view.

    The surgeon told him he needed to wait 12 weeks to allow the anaesthetic to mostly get out of his system before having the second operation.

    So really it depends on your diagnosis and what your surgeon deems most appropriate for you based on your particular circumstances.

    A question for your orthopaedic surgeon I would think.

    Take care
    Wazz x
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    I'm with Wazz and for similar reasons. I had my knees replaced in 1981, the first at the beginning of April and the second at the beginning of June 'once the first one was properly healed on the outside'. I'd guess it's surgeon choice plus individual factors. At the time I was only 35 so my powers of healing were probably much quicker than they are now.
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    If you're on the enhancement recovery process following a hip replacement it is 12 weeks before you get back to normal living so i guess its up to the surgeon.