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My wife suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has unfortunately due to this condition has had to give up work. As a precaution we took out took out a life insurance policy included critical illness, with legal and general via nationwide in 2013.

We were never told about any exclusions, in writing and have recordings from legal and general stating my wife's disability was covered. Policy was for myself and my wife.

In April 2018 I had to call and ask about a claim for my wife. On this phone call I was advised by legal and general, TPD (total permanent disability) wasn't included in the policy. I told them this wasn’t communicated with us, it wasn’t in the paperwork and the phone call which there adviser states her arthritis was included. We took them through a full formal complaint process and the only time Legal and general have ever mentioned TPD wasn't included was in communication with nationwide not us. Legal and general and nationwide blamed each other, but neither communicated TPD wasn't included to us.

Have you come across this before with other people with disabilities or have advice please?



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    Hello and welcome aliceh to Versus Arthritis Community Forum

    So sorry to read of your wife's struggles with arthritis, particularly re the insurance. Insurance is a topic that comes up quiet often, one came up earlier tonight. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to give you an answer, can I suggest you contact Versus Arthritis Helplines 0800 520 0520 tomorrow. Our forum users are also very good at giving help and advice through their personal experiences.

    Enjoy the forum.

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    Hi aliceh and welcome. I'm afraid this is all a bit legal and technical for me. As Mod John says, you might be better contacting our Helpline people. Other possibilities would be CAB or even a lawyer.

    I haven't had life insurance for years but I do recall a trip to USA when I was waiting for results of an endoscopy due to low iron levels (common with RA). I was told they'd insure 'except for anything to do with low iron levels' which, I guess, would be most health problems :roll: Who was it said "Insurance is theft"?

    I've just discovered this while checking out something for someone else. It might help
    At a quick glance, I'm wondering if it would cover a pre-existing condition or not.
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    If I may add a reply to this post - Insurance carries with it a "total disclosure policy". As such it is advisable to confirm every verbal conversation in writing and keep note of every condition and additional prescription medications (if required to disclose).

    I have travel insurance with a Flexplus account from Nationwide, which in the past has been great but they have just recently changed their terms and conditions and I will be contacting them next week to confirm the changes to their policy - and will ask for a transcript of our conversation. As I have two future holidays booked, I am not sure they are able to change their terms for those holidays which is something else I will be looking into.