Sacroiliac joint issues and hypermobility

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Ive had chronic back pain for some time (years). But I began having severe problems in about August last year. I had a knee replacement in February and since then my pain has been excruciating!
I had put this down to having my gait changed following surgery which was playing my back up.
GP's have been useless, keep referring me on the spinal gateway to physiotherapy without even examining me. However, I can only see physio for 1 issue, ie. my knee, so was discharged for my back after only 1 session.
Saw the pain clinic yesterday, they took 1 look, poked me in the back, made me squeal and booked me in for sacroiliac injections on both hips ASAP.
I am waiting to see rheumy with query hypermobility/Ehlers Danloss Syndrome so Pain Clinic GP suspects my sacroiliac joints are hypermobile.
Does anyone else have this issue? What else can I do to keep myself well, things like yoga and Pilates could all stretch my joints , whereas I need to tighten them up.
I'm getting so fed up with all this :(


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    Hello , sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble with your joints! I was diagnosed with hyper mobility (non Ehlers Danloss Syndrome or marfans ruled out by geneticist) as a teenager. I’m nearly 26 now and have inflammatory arthritis in my knee that doesn’t have an official label yet. Unfortunately it seems quite common if you have one medical problem to have co morbid ones too... I have had full spinal fusion for scoliosis , but no pain or issues in my back since surgery. I also have an abnormality in my aortic arch that has been labeled a congenital heart defect and I’ve been discharged from cardiology for many years now.

    As for your spine , the only exercise that I would recommend is swimming. Swimming is really great if you have joint or mobility issues , and a great way to de stress. I would be careful to try a chiropractor if you had a knee replacement as it may only make things worse for you. I’ve heard accupuntcure can be helpful too.

    Sorry it’s not much help , but just know you aren’t alone ! 🤗
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    Can you pay to see a private, musculo-skeletal physio. Where I live the wait for NHS physio is enormous but the local private one is brilliant, usually just charging for one long session where they really ensure all they need to know about you and then giving exercises on the understanding that you can return if necessary. Neither I nor Mr SW has ever needed to return. The exercises really help.
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