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Phoned up Stagecoach Disability dept to ask if they were going to change their coaches anytime for the Dumfries - Glasgow route.
The coaches in question allow a wheelchair to be next to the driver and 2 seats behind the driver. Everyone else has to climb very steep steps. On a few occasions i have had to turn back down the steps as it was so painful and no one offered a seat (for all i know the passengers sitting down could have had worse arthritis than me) Because of not having benefits at the moment train fares are too much so i'm completely reliant on buses.
The woman on the phone said that when the 'shelf life' of these coaches comes to an end Stagecoach would be looking into getting more disabled friendly ones. Oddly enough i haven't been the only person complaining about Stagecoach!!!! But short term, they are making no changes and that is purely down to money.


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    There are half steps, with or without handles, which one can buy but whether or not they'd be suitable for the bus steps I don't know but there are a wide variety and, if Stagecoach were to buy a lot, they'd come cheaper. I do know that some black cabs in Edinburgh carry one in the boot but, of course, only one step is required.

    Recently, at my son's, I found his garden steps too steep. He found some old concrete flat stones (probably once used for a path) and, by placing them carefully so that I could stand on the first, get up the first step then move sideways onto another stone before attempting the next, I managed all four. I don't think you could carry four concrete steps in your handbag :wink: but maybe something on those lines?
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