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I've been taking Tocilizumab fot a few years now for my RA and PA which has been quite successful, but I suffer from extreme fatigue and have had several flare ups this year.

My Rheumatologist has suggested I try Baricitinib as it may give better results. Has anyone tried Baricitinib and what are your thoughts?

Thank you


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    Hi Eir23 and welcome to the forums.

    I'm so sorry to hear you have both RA and PA. We all know about the flare ups and extreme fatigue that comes as part of the package :(

    Our website has a very informative page about Baricitinib and has a leaflet that you can download in pdf format:

    If you find you need to speak to anyone, then do call the free Helplines on
    0800 5200 520 which are open Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm

    Best wishes
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    I've not done any of the biologics and I'm never convinced that one person's experience is any use for the next person. Our metabolisms are all different. However, if you put 'baricitinib' into the search engine (top right, green panel) you'll see some previous posts. I hope you do well on it.
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    I have a friend who recently started this and so far, so good. No magnificent improvement to date (like me she is too far gone with the auto-immune stuff) but certainly no worse.

    I never go by other people's experiences - while my liver was being exploded by enbrel I read a number of posts extolling the wonders of the medication and its efficacy. :lol: DD
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