Apologies & Diet Upate

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Firstly, apologies for my tardiness/absence. Like many others every day life has got in the way lately.

New baby in the family - my latest great nephew Henry was born 23rd June. He's gorgeous but naturally I'm biased. :D His big sister Isabelle (she was 2 in March) is adjusting to being a big sister. These are my nephew Matt's children with his fiancé.

I've been struggling with the intense heat lately - hasn't everyone though? I'm just relieved it's been a bit cooler here in Kent the last 2 days.

Some of the longer-term forum members may recall that in 2015 I joined Slimming World and you cheered me on all the way? I joined SW end of Aug 2015 and reached target the end of Dec 2016 having lost just over 5 stone. Since then, I've lost some more although I'm no longer going to class. I struggled on with my weight loss journey in 2016 despite 2 huge bereavements (losing my partner John and my Mum).

For weeks now I've been hovering over the 6 stone mark and each Friday morning when I weighed in here at home I either maintained, or put a 1-2 lbs on and then took it off. This went on for weeks. Well, yesterday morning I weighed in and got a lovely surprise. I've hit the 6 stone loss! :lol: I'm delighted about this as losing weight is difficult enough, but I've been able to maintain that loss and lose a bit more.

So for anyone else on this Forum who is struggling to lose weight and can't exercise (my situation) just keep going. It's flaming hard work but life's like that isn't it? If I can do it, you can.



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    You have done wonderful Grace. It takes a lot of determination and will power. Well done.
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    Many thanks for your kind replies. It's been hard work but thankfully my late Dad brought us all up to expect to work hard. Good job he did, bless him!

    I'll continue doing what I've been doing since Dec 2016. I don't want to lose any more as I'm happy where I am. It's cost me an absolute fortune in new clothes and, having donated all my larger sized clothes to charity, I don't intend to go out and buy them again so that's incentive enough. :lol:

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    All credit to you GraceB, you have done so so well, take a bow, a gentle one, not too low :shock:

    With such loss of loved ones, it makes things even harder.

    Congratulations on the birth of your Great Nephew, Henry t4591 Of course he is gorgeous :)

    I went on a weight loss journey many years ago and lost 9 stone. Over time, that has crept back, with now limited mobility and a shed load of pills that pile weight on :roll: :roll:

    The heat has been exhausting to say the very least. Totally drains you.

    So pleased for you XXX Aidan
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    Grace it's LOVELY to see you :)

    Well I remember the though times you went through despite it all you continued doggedly to loose those LBs!

    I am so pleased to hear you have managed another stone 'on your own' well done.

    One of the ladies who posts in the café (turbogran) also lost loads with SW and has maintained for 5 years I think. Like you she has stopped going to classes.

    I do think SW is a change in eating habits for life.


    Toni xx
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    Thanks Toni.

    I also feel that SW is really a life-long healthy eating plan. That's basically what I'm doing. I still have a small chocolate treat every night and a skinny latte once a week.

    When I weighed last Friday morning I was delighted to see I'd maintained the 6 stone mark which was a lovely surprise. :D I'll have to see what this Friday brings.


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