Anyone been on Celecoxib??

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Hi. Has anyone been on this anti inflammatory? I took one dose and (I'm assuming it wasn't anything I eaten) got a reaction by the following morning of an itchy rash on my fingers/hands, a dry mouth with a tingling tongue and an upset stomach. Anybody else been on these tablets and if so have you had any side effects? My GP has given me another anti inflammatory to try for now but says it might be worth trying Celecoxib again at some point, but can't say at the moment I am particularly keen to do so!! :o


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    Thank you so much Sharon, I've added this to my own selection of 'useful information' documents. I don't take Celecoxib myself,but there are other drugs mentioned (Bisphonates) that I do use. I'm sure many other members will also find this page invaluable. m0150
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    My rheumatologist prescribed this many moons ago and it was very effective at reducing pain levels and further inflammation. After a short time the prescribing was switched to the GP; the surgery deemed it too expensive so moved me to naproxen and a stomach protector. Marvellous oral thrush, no pain relief and ongoing inflammation were my reward for economy.

    Did you check the side effects leaflet for what you had? It seems an odd trio of side effects to experience at the same time and each can be explained by other things. If is very tempting to blame the meds for anything new or untoward but they are not necessarily the culprits. Are you an OA-er or auto-immuner? I have a creaky foot in both camps. DD
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    I'm on Celecoxib at the moment until I start my methotrexate. Can't say it's done much but it's been easier on the stomach than two years of Naproxen (which did naff all!). The consultant told me to only take when needed but I'm not sure what that means, to be honest. I need it all the time!
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    Hi Elle,

    Lovely to meet you, what an excellent user name! How kind to have your first post helping other members too.

    Since you are waiting to start Methotrexate I’m assuming you are possibly new to inflammatory arthritis so here’s a leaflet that may help with general information.

    If you have a different type of arthritis you can search for that on the website, and here is information on methotrexate

    I hope you enjoy using the site,
    Take care

    Yvonne x