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ok, i was told by my GP today that i have osteo arthritus, and have launched myself into finding out about the condition. I suppose its ineveitable as my joints have been arthritic- looking for ages, and the gradual " noise" from my hip has become such that last night i was unable to go into the petrol station pay kiosk 250 yards away from where i parked as my mobility, mid car journey from lincolnshire, hit zero. I ended up begging someone to take some cash to the kiosk as i couldnt walk. that was it. my moment of truth, and i gave in and went to the GP today to hear the news i didnt want to hear.

so that is me. Im in my 50s- i thought that was young to have arthritis, but having looked on the website, I see im pretty average.... its just i love running and hiking, and although not overweight and unfit, feel pretty disabled by this sudden advancement of the condition. my kids, always tactful, say i look 90 when trying to walk after a period of sitting, and my husband, having supported me through various family crises, is looking worried.

tbh i havent even told him of the diagnosis- nor even of the GP appointment, as his tolerance of any further crises from me is zero. After a difficult period, , as he puts it" his well has run dry"...

so whats your experience... does this sound normal for arthritus? do i need to be fearful? what can i do to help delay the inevitable...


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    Hello Ly05nda, welcome to the forum!

    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis today. Coming to terms with a new diagnosis can be a confusing and stressful time, especially as it seems you are used to having a very active lifestyle. Our members here have plenty of experiences & advise they can share with you so please know you have come to the right place.

    While it might seem daunting now, hopefully having a diagnosis will enable you get the right help. I recommend speaking to your GP about the treatment options available.

    In the meantime, I can see you are having difficulty with your mobility so I have provided a link to information about managing the symptoms of Osteoarthritis.


    Talking to your family about the diagnosis may help them understand what you're going through but I have provided the details of the Helpline team who are available to talk to you in confidence.

    Helpline: 0800 520 0520 (9am - 8pm, Monday - Friday).

    Please join in the forums where you feel comfortable and let us know how you get on.

    Best Wishes,
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    Hi. It’s all over whelming isn’t it and a lot to take in. Not gonna lie as it’s hard to deal with but there are a range of medications you can be prescribed,therapies,and support out there so ask your medical practice.Once under control you can begin exercising again but not perhaps in the same way. Don’t bottle things up.As mentioned ring the helpline. The word arthritis fears us with dread as we think it’s something grandma has but don’t fear it as we can’t change that so try and think positively on how to make life easier. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, OA and Fibromyalgia. Let us know how you are doing. There’s so much support here. Take care.
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    Hello, I am sorry you have been diagnosed with OA, welcome to the Creaky Club. I was diagnosed back in 2011, mine came about as a result of my other arthritis which I began back in 1997 when I was 37. Some of my jonts have one, some the other and others both. It ain't fun but it is what it is and it ain't going anywhere.

    I was born with auto-immune nonsense so the first arthritis (psoriatic) was not the surprise it could have been. The OA diagnosis, however, came as a shock as I thought I'd ticked that box. Since 2011 I have taken a small daily dose of an anti-depressant as my rheumatologist reckoned if I was stronger mentally I could cope better physically and I agree with that view. I began with one joint, now it's around forty so there's a bit to cope with. The meds I take for the psoriatic do nothing for the OA, I manage that with exercise, rest, pain relief and avoiding overdoing things. Of the two I prefer the OA as that is predictable and manageable.

    I have had to change the way I live my life, and things are very different from how they used to be but that would have happened anyway, it's called ageing. I was lumped in with grannies and pensioners by the general populace when I began and now I'm 60 I'm finally in the right demographic :wink: The major problem with OA is it's very common, there is little to be done until surgery becomes an option so up until then it's a case of don't like it but lump it. If yours is affecting just the one hip now is the time to start using a stick, held in the opposite hand, to start easing the strain on the better hip. Like it or not we unconciously alter the way we move and stand to ease the pain in the affected joint but that throws others out of kilter, I think this is how OA 'spreads'.

    Arthritis not only affects our joints, it tampers with our emotions, relationships and it can impact our social life. My husband has been with me every faltering step of the way as it was beginning just as we married; I tell people that we have three in our marriage, him, me and the disease. It's a nasty, sour gooseberry! :lol: DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    so whats your experience... does this sound normal for arthritus? do i need to be fearful? what can i do to help delay the inevitable...
    Falls within the wide spectrum of 'normal' for OA - no need to be fearful, but be prepared to put the work in to manage your version of it. For instance, picking up on part of your post, long spells of driving will need rethinking to allow for breaks to get out and move around. This forum is excellent for providing suggestions, experience and support.