PsA Psufferer - complementary therapies that work?

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Hi all,

I was diagnosed with PsA when I was 25, after 10 years of issues. I'm now 31 and over the last 12 months have reached the point where my life revolves around my condition.

I've recently been accepted back under the care of the rheumatology team (yes, that's right, six years post-diagnosis) and am about to start methotrexate.

I'm a great believer in prescription drugs but I would love to hear some complementary therapy suggestions from people who actually understand what I'm dealing with.

What's worked for you?
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    Been there (acupuncture, homeopathy) and got nowhere as neither reduced the activity of my over-stimulated immune system because they cannot. The homeopathist failed to diagnose my auto-imnune arthritis, likewise the acupuncturist but they both did well financially which was nice for them. In my defence I tried these things as the medical world had also failed to recognise what was going on with me so I was trying to help myself.

    I am in my 23rd year of PsA and have been taking meds for 18 of them. Due to my late start with the med I have also developed OA so have a creaky foot in both camps. I was born with auto-immune issues so it was no great surprise when I was finally diagnosed but the OA was a shock: I did not know one could have both. :lol: There is no doubt that my life has been changed by the disease but I do not allow it to dominate - why should it? Admittedly it was tougher in the early years, I had around five years of fortnightly bloods which was a nuisance, I also had to go to the hospital every week for my meth jabs until they saw sense but now things are easier as bloods are three-monthly and I am retired. DD
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    What's worked for me? DMARDS :wink:

    Up top, on the grey menu, you can read up on the complementary stuff but, frankly, I wouldn't bother. I tried acupuncture twice. First time it helped for an hour or so and second time, with an expensive clinic now, it did nothing.

    For my money just take the meds, eat healthily, don't smoke and exercise as much as you reasonably can. There are no quick fixes. Well, actually, there are no fixes :lol: but the above does make a big difference.
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