Update on appointment at doctors today

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I thought I would update you on my appointment. The doctor I seen was really nice, she listened to my list of problem and has referred me to rheumatologist. She done my blood pressure while there and she's not happy with it 189/79 and repeated it and was 186/76 so I have to have a ecg and blood tests on Monday and she has put a urgent request for the heart centre to look into it.


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    That BP is too high, mine was pushed up thanks to the meds (something I often forget) but it's managed by more meds. :roll: I am pleased you have had a referral, it may take a while to arrive: if I have any come through I contact the department and say I can take a cancellation but I have the 'luxury' of living just ten minutes away from the hospital. Please let us know how you get on. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Jayuk, My blood pressure used to be as high as yours, as DD says, it's the meds (in my case Leflunomide and Pred). I'm happy to say that after having my BP tablets increased 3 times (I'm now on Felodipine 20mg and Dozasosin 8mg) my BP is now nown to normal. :D I hope your ecg and appointment at the heart centre proves there are no abnormalities.

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    Good that you’ve got a referral to Rheumatology.
    Early diagnosis and treatment is best case scenario - apart from not having the problems in the first place!

    Sorry to hear about the high BP.
    My BP goes through the roof every time I walk into a surgery, clinic or hospital. A terrible case of white coat syndrome - confirmed by that fact that my pulse is also going like the clappers.
    It’s so silly of me - especially since I’m a retired health professional!

    I got myself a home BP monitor when I saw one going cheap in the local chemist.
    Every so often I do a check at home - and it’s always about 119/60.

    As the previous posters said, often BP goes up because of meds so it’s great there’s something else to bring it back down. High BP can be very risky.

    Hope you don’t have to wait too long for your Rheumatology appt.