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Can anyone help me pls.

Myocrisin is being stopped. Been on this drug for rheumatoid arthritis for best part of twenty years.

Does anyone know if I need to be “weened” off this drug before going onto something else???

Also take methotrexate and folic acid.

Need urgent help with this.



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    I'm not a member of the Helplines team just an ordinary forum member but you said it was urgent so I thought I'd better suggest you contact your rheumatology helpline people as they'd be the best to advise.

    I took gold injections back in the late '60's and I didn't realise they still used them. As far as I can remember I just stopped mine. They were affecting my kidneys so I had to. Please don't assume this means it's OK to just stop yours. You really need either your rheumatologist or your GP at least to confirm this.

    My guess is that what happens next will depend on what, if anything, they plan to replace them with. I think some, but not all meds have to be right out of our systems before we embark on some, but again not all, others.

    Much might depend on your own rheumatology department so do contact them when you can.
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    Thanks for the response. Appreciate your help.
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    I too am only a forum member. I thought gold (which is myocrisin?) had been faded out years ago, my hospital (a teaching one) does not use it now in light of the developments of the biologics. I hope that you find success and maybe an easier medical life if your medication is changed: I do my own injections (methotrexate and currently imraldi) at home, in comfort with a cuppa and that is a boon. I wish you well and please let us know the outcome. DD
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    Hi Pbailey592004
    Thanks for your question,
    We understand that myocrisin (gold injections) were discontinued at the end of June 2019 due to an ongoing shortage of active pharmaceutical ingredient and not to do with any safety concerns.
    Alternative medications are being offered and you should be receiving an appointment with your rheumatologist to discuss which will be a suitable replacement.
    We don’t have any information on whether you need to be ‘weaned off’ the myocrisin and as stickywicket has suggested maybe speaking to your rheumatology helpline for further information.
    There are many types of disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) including conventional and biological therapies and the prescription will be dependent on your current health situation.
    You can read more on the available DMARDs on our website;
    Best wishes
    Tracey – Helpline Advisor
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    This is a link from the manufacturers
    which suggests that you should already have been contacted to discuss what happens next.
    I have to say Sanofi's idea of advance notification to health professionals might not be what patients would regard as 'advance', as the letter is dated June 10th for product that they calculate will run out end of June.
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    Hello Tracey, that is very interesting to read, thank you! DD
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