Scoliosis and resulting osteo In sacroiliac joint

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Hi I’m new here and I don’t think I’ve posted on this bit....sorry if I have..not wanting to bore anyone.

I have scoliosis from childhood and have lived with it. Sometimes I’m good, sometimes not but have been living with pain for at least 10 years. I’m now 50. After my hysterectomy 5 months lower back pain increased and I started to get really bad hip and groin pain. My hip was also quite obviously swollen.

The physio suggest and X-ray and to my surprise my hips are fine but I have mild osteo in the sacroiliac joint. Because of my back history and that fact that I am finding sitting, bending, standing increasingly difficult I’ve opted for an MRI so that I can see a spinal consultant.

I consider myself pretty good with pain but I must admit...I regularly need to take time out to stretch out on the bed and relieve the pain. Looking forward to anyone who can help me on my journey out there.



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    I'm afraid I don't think I can help at all but I just wanted to say hello and welcome.

    Mine's RA and OA, several bits replaced and others self-fused but my back and sacroiliacs aren't bad at all. I think the MRI is probably a good plan and I'd just keep listening to the physio. Their exercises are what keeps me going.
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    Hi Surf. Just thought I'd add my sympathies as a fellow longterm sufferer of back pains. Good luck with the MRI scan.

    You might find the odd extra bit of information that might help with the problem on our website:

    There's some suggestions on different (gentle) exercise that might help.

    Best wishes
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    Rule No.1 you don't have to apologise or say you're sorry on here.

    Sounds as you're got one part of your skeleton adrift and its having an effect on all your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles that have got used to your previous 'norm'.

    A referral to the MSK team will assist. Hot wheat bags are a staple diet in this house, they work.