Benepali v Enbrel - The Big Switch

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Hi :)

Anyone switched from Enbrel to Benepali?

Hospital wants me to switch asap but I am a tad anxious, Enbrel has changed my life so it scares me to go back to the pain, swelling & stiffness again if Benepali doesn't work as well. It's down to cost, no issues with Enbrel effectiveness.

Any comments appreciated :D


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    Hi ..probably like a lot of people..Benepali changed my life too !
    Its (as you probably know ) bio-similar to Etanercept..
    Works a treat for me, shuts down inflammation totally ! :lol:
    You are not being short changed.
    Everyone is different probably with a subtlety different condition but the drug is a good one . Still has a huge molecule to clog the cell response. Hopefully you wont tell the difference...
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    I was switched (without consultation) from humira to its bio-similar, imraldi. I know of others who had the same switch and all has been well - the bio-similars contain the same amount of the active ingredient - but for me it does not suit, something I attribute to the excipients (the 'extras' such as the preservative and stabilising elements). I have taken it for four months and am due a dose today but I am being put back on humira which should arrive later this month. All should be well as I have maintained the intake of adalimumab, I am, however, looking forward to once more feeling better within myself.

    My husband and I were both taken aback when my consultant immediately said I could go back to the original. I doubt I am the first for whom the swap was not being effective, so much relies on the individual's physiology as to whether a drug 'works' or not. Good luck, I hope all goes well as it has for others but if not I hope you will be returned to the original as easily as I have been. DD
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    Thank you very much everyone! Feeling more positive about it now
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    I was put straight onto Benepali about a year ago, after more than ten years of mucking about on other DMARDs.
    It’s changed my life. Had I been given it from the get-go, I wouldn’t have had to retire prematurely.

    Yes there are side effects but these pale into insignificance compared to the ravages of RA.