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I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my feet. Since I generally walk a lot I want to stay active.


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    I presume you mean osteoarthritis. There's no reason why you shouldn't stay active, wear supportive footwear, use walking poles or sticks and compromise on how much you do and for how long: a little and often is better than a ten mile hike that renders you immobile with pain and inflammation. DD
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    It's good that you want to stay active as that's what we need with arthritis. Sometimes we need to modify our activities or even change them but, as DD says, with good, supportive footwear, you should be able to carry on walking. Flat, 'unbumpy' ground is always easier but, if you've only just been diagnosed, you can probably cope with most sorts.

    Listen to what your feet are saying to you. Learn how far you can walk at any one time and possibly how long you need to rest for afterwards.

    If you could tell us a bit more it'd be easier to suggest things.
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