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Hi, i'm 50 and over the last year have developed pain in my hands, mainly knuckles, and have small lumps that are painful. I would like advice on what others do to for relief? its not always practical to wear gloves to keep heat in.
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    Hi mbodgers68,

    Welcome to the forum. You are having painful hands and what may be nodules too. Have you been to see your GP yet? They are the ones that deal with initial diagnosis which may be obvious to them or may need x-rays or blood tests to help them decide. They can advise on pain relief via medication, physio, short courses of usually 6 weeks and one session 2 hours per week, and then other methods of pain relief.

    Here is our booklet re pain relief


    Personally I like heat for osteoarthritis, I have a microwave version of a hot water bottle which is great when I’m having some sitting time, I do exercises when my hands are warm, during washing up after breakfast is one slot and in the shower another. I also have hand warmers in each of my coats, small, gel filled bags with a metal disc that you bend to start an exothermal reaction. Afterwards just heat in a pan of water until they return to gel.

    If there are ant activities that you struggle with let us know, here are some ideas we’ve compiled already


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    Take care

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    Hello, have you joined because you know you have an arthritis or because you think you might? Arthritis is a complex albeit common condition, something which surprises those who don't have it but think they know what it is and what it does.

    It is hard to know how to answer your question because the cause behind the nodule needs more explanation. I have painful fingers 24/365 thanks to my psoriatic arthritis and a painless lump on my right palm (my dominant hand) which doesn't bother me; a rheumatology nurse said it could be drained but that in all probability it would probably return with interest so I declined. Heat only helps my hands when the OA in my wrists takes exception to something which, thankfully, doesn't happen too often. DD
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    If the lumps are on knuckles and painful they're probably Heberden's or Bouchard's nodes, not rheumatoid nodules which are caused by autoimmune forms of arthritis. The nodes are part of OA and can be painful whereas rheumatic nodules are a bit wiggly and painfree.

    I'm assuming you have a diagnosis of OA. If not it would be best to see your GP to have it all checked out.

    After many years of RA and OA my hands are a sight but not very painful. I can't wear gloves but I don't find them particularly sensitive to cold. If gloves normally help you, could you try fingerless ones or even sweat bands as keeping the wrists warm can help to keep hands warm too.
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