Osteoarthritis both hips age 36

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Hi all, my name is Aimee and I am a mum of 3 children 9,6 and 4. Brief history, I had pubic symphysis disorder with all my pregnancies that weakened my pelvis, pelvic ring, hips and core. 2 years ago the pain in the pelvis and hips started again but not pregnant this time. Had numerous tests and all blood tests coming back normal, mri on pelvis showed weakness in muscles but skeleton normal, have been prescribed a cocktail of pain meds which I became addicted too and can't remember a lot of last year, but still no diagnosis. In the end I had enough of meds because they were ruining my life so had 3 months of nasty withdrawal. But pain was still there... So we started from scratch again. Last month saw a 3rd orthopedic surgeon had xrays and finally said I have oesteoathritus in both hips, more than I should for someone my age...... So thats that in a nutshell.
But this is really affecting me emotionally, physically and mentally. My children have noticed that Mammy can walk more than 15 mins, can't run and play....I sleep max 3 to 4 hours... Work is hard and having to take time off causes me more stress and anxiety. I feel like I'm in a deep well and I don't know how to climb out because everytime I think I'm making progress I fall back. So this is me and I wanted to join this forum to see if there are other options that I haven't tried to get my life back on track.


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    Hello Aimee welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community from the moderating team.

    I am really very sorry to hear about your diagnosis of osteoarthritis and the impact it has had on your life and that of your children. There is a misconception that Arthritis affects only older people, but it can and does affect people of any age even children. I wonder whether your consultant has suggested any treatment options for you?

    We have a great community here, with have lots of experience of arthritis who I know will make you very welcome and help in any way they can. Some may have or have had Arthritis while caring for young children so hopefully they will give you some tips to help and make you feel less alone with it all.

    In the meantime I attach a link about Osteoarthritis:


    This link is to Arthritis of the hip specifically:


    Just in case you wish to it might help you to ring our helpline for a chat to someone?

    0800 520 0520

    Best wishes

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    Hi Aimee. I'd never heard of pubic symphisis though, reading about it, I see it's relatively common in pregnancy. Luckily, I missed that with both mine.

    It seems that yours has led to OA in your hips. I've had both my hips replaced but, when my kids were young, they were relatively OK. My OA was caused by my RA. Now that was in lots of useful joints :lol: It's hard to deal with arthritis and kids together. I learnt very early on, to do things as I could, not as I couldn't. There were lots of things I wanted to do with them but couldn't. But I came to realise that the essential thing was to have fun together whatever form it took. We did and we continue to have fun together, nowadays with their sons too :D

    I applaud you for continuing to work despite the difficulties. You could ask your GP to refer you to a physiotherapist for some exercises which will help but will not cure as nothing does. But they might well slow down the progress of the disease and help a bit with the pain. Strong muscles support our joints and that is a big help. How that will pan out with your pubic symphisis I don't know which is why I suggest a physiotherapist rather than just basic hip exercises such as those on here.

    You have done amazingly well to get off strong painkillers. That takes a very strong personality. Again, I don't know where that will leave you re pain relief. Your GP would be the best to advise.

    I hope you'll find us friendly and helpful on here. We can cure nothing but we do understand.
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    Thank you for your comments. I have bupa cover with my work and they have been covering all the cost of a gynea physio to help strengthen my pelvic floor etc and we have realigned by pelvis but since the OA diagnosis its classed as a ongoing chronic condition therefore they will not cover any further physiotherapy. I am currently on the waiting list to see the NHS physiotherapists but current wait time is 17 weeks so I am paying privately as much as I can afford at this time. I try to swim as much as I can and walk up and down the pool but it is hilarious that the life guards have to pull me out of the water because I cant lift my legs to get out of the pool from the ladder :lol: .

    I am currently 14 stone and a size 38hh and have been told to loose 4 stone which I am doing but it's very slow ivo lack of mobility. I'm currently on naproxen(4times a day) and codydramol(8times), it takes the edge off but I won't take anything stronger ivo how it affected me. I'm seeing my consultant in 6 months for a review and see whether they will agree a hip op because they don't want to give me injections incase of infection which would rule me out completely... but we shall....
    Hey ho just got to keep moving and grooving and fingers crossed it will settle down for a bit xx
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    You're clearly doing the right thing with the physio and swimming and I hope it pays off. To be honest, they'd have to chuck me in as well as fishing me out so I get how embarrassing it can be but well done you for going through with it.

    Sometimes it's possible, under some systems, to say one can take a cancellation (re physio) if you can be available at short notice. Or, the system in place before I moved house was to log in every day and see if there had been any cancellations then just add your own details. I skipped about 10 weeks that way.

    I'm sure, with your determination, you will lose the weight. We had a lady on here who was wheelchair-bound and she lost 5 stones. Others have had success with Slimming World. (Other schemes are available :wink: )
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    Hi Aimee, I'm new on here too. I'm now 50 but when I was 38 was eventually diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my neck. I also had nerve pain in my arms (similar to sciatica) & after a year and a half of strong meds (pregabaljn zombied me) & amitriptyline, various physio, traction, epidurals & other treatments I ended up being medically retired from my job. I was only 39 & this absolutely devastated me. My son was only 6 & I was also pregnant with my second child after a miscarriage. I also had pubic dysplasia - I think it's a different name but same condition as yours, so I can sympathise.
    Now my OA has spread & is in my lumbar spine, ankles & especially my feet. I also was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia too, maybe 8 years ago. I often don't know what condition is causing my pain - it all mixes into one! My feet are exceptionally bad & 4 years ago needed surgery to fuse bones in my right foot, after steroid injections (OUCH!) didnt help. Now my mobility has crashed. I'm on at least one crutch/trekking pole. I'm basically off meds - only taking codeine when desperation sets in, nortriptyline is essential for getting uninterrupted sleep & antidepressants to keep me sane. I try static cycling at home & hope to try aqua aerobics next month. I get into the pool too to do a few.lengths & some exercises too!
    It is hard with young kids. I've punished myself going on water slides or funfair rides. They get the brunt of my impatience & frustration. But they know I hurt. They've wiped my tears, got me dry clothes because I cant get to the loo fast enough, eaten breakfast cereal for dinner because I cannot literally stand to make dinner, get me out of the bath when I get stuck, waited patiently for my bones to unstick so I can continue walking, have motivated me to keep going, & make a fine cup of tea for me. They know they're loved & I do as much as I can with them - maybe just in different ways now. We play board games, do a limited edition xmas jigsaw every December, love puzzles such as sudoku, go with them to their jujitsu classes & gradings, teachjng my dsughter knitting & crochet & other crafts. Lots of hugs - gently as it hurts too!
    Dont blame yourself or feel guilty as you will give enough of yourself to them. Pace yourself (I need to learn this too!). Xx

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