Ideas of things to do when you can't get out!

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Does anyone else get bored during the day and need ideas for things to do to help the days pass? Thinking maybe we can share ideas of indoor hobbies for whenever you can't get out and about?


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    It's a good idea, Sharney, and maybe others will be interested. Personally, I'd welcome a spot of boredom :lol: I find that, due to the arthritis, all the usual household tasks take me forever and I also do some voluntary work on the computer which seems to be expanding to fill time available - and even not available :roll: Tomorrow, as usual on Thursdays, I'll be cooking for the family which has to be spread out over the whole day (The cooking, not the family :wink: ) so I'll be shattered on Friday and will feel perfectly justified in slumping in front of the Test Match, preparing a very easy meal in the evening. Normally cricket has to be a radio background to whatever else I'm doing so this will be a treat. Thank you, arthritis :D
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    As getting out often renders me in a more plarlous state than when I left I keep that to the minimum (and often have to prepare for it beforehand by resting more). We went out on Saturday for a curry with friends, it was the usual scenario of cramped seating, no leg room, joints seizing after ninety minutes or so, shouting to be heard in conversation. Sunday was thus written off.

    I find there's plenty to do when I am rendered - oh go on, DD, be dramatic - a prisoner in my own home. Housework is never-ending, the gardening too (merely outdoor housework), there are puzzles to be done (both jigsaw and written), friends to ring, neighbours who pop in, friends too (I have one coming round for lunch today), the telly can be useful (especially BBC4 on catch-up, I'm doing the Bauhaus thing at the moment) and of course the forum. I might well be unable for some reasons to be a fully-active participant in life but I can still take part. Sometimes it's even worth the effort. DD
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    I never stop, but have the 'advantage' of still having two young adult girls at home! Their lives fill many an hour :wink: At the moment I am preparing for the wedding of the 3rd daughter.

    I read, crochet sometimes, listen to audiobooks very rarely watch TV unless I'm in real trouble. I do jigsaws too, pop in here, as well as doing housework etc :roll:

    Interesting thread.