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To sort out this oven problem. We have a relatively (2 months old?) new one, supposedly just the same as the old one which died. Only it's not. Same sort of twin oven and I can't complain that I can no longer each even the top shelf of the bottom oven or that, with this one, all the shelves have to be shoved right in where they're very hard for me to access. I should have sorted that one out in advance. My own fault.

What I did complain about was that, with our previous stove, if we had the bottom oven on we could warm plates in the top one. With the new one, the plates get roasting hot and would severely burn anyone without oven gloves.

A nice engineer came out and agreed it was exceedingly hot but said his job was to mend broken ovens and ours wasn't broken. Both ovens function. Our beef is with the makers. Who were the ones who suggested we got an engineer out.

I guess we could learn to live with it but I'd rather not. It seems shambolic and therefore potentially dangerous.

Any suggestions as to what we do?
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    It sounds to me as though there has to be a manufacturing fault. You would expect the oven not in use to warm up but not to a dangerous degree. The only thing I can think of is taking photographic evidence which will be a laborious process but visual proof might be the . . . .

    Oh heck, that ad is on. 'Arthritis steals from someone you love every day.' Do I love them every day or is the disease thieving every day? Yet again it shows someone wincing and pulling faces whilst in the background a film runs showing them running around. These ads show someone not finding a solution to the problem they face. The subliminal message is clear: arthritis leads to failure. Does it *%&E^%.

    Right, pictures.

    1. Two oven thermometers in their packaging to show they are new.

    2. Large oven temperature set to 200. Other oven not set.

    3. Picture of one thermometer showing the temp of the on oven and the other thermometer from the off oven showing the temp that one has reached despite not being switched on.

    Vague mutterings of going to the press and suing if injury results from this inequality of temperature of which they have been made aware.

    There must be some legal recourse about with whom the responsibility lies for goods not being as they should: I'll do some research. DD
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    Thanks, DD, much appreciated. Mr SW is going to buy a 'proper oven thermometre' tomorrow. Ours is one you stick in a joint and leave in but the engineer said they didn't give a true reading for an oven. I'm not sure why we actually need a true reading. We should just have shoved his hands in :wink: but there you go. No-one's disputing that it's exceedingly hot, only that this is abnormal and undesirable. It certainly wan't normal with our previous oven. You could warm plates nicely in it when the bottom oven was on without actually burning your hands when you then touched them. I shall tell Mr SW of your plan.

    As for the VA ads - don't get me started :roll: I prefer my overheating oven :lol:
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    I use the microwave for warming the plates, a lot easier and it's on top of the work surface.