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So found out what I long suspected. Arthritis in knee. Not sure what type yet and only discovered because I tortured my gp for and X-ray. I exercise regularly and go to physio when I need to if my back goes or bakers cyst flares.
Lots of other weird symptoms these last lot of months. Most recent addition to the list is my leg is almost constantly tingling right from top to toe.
My concern is this. The pain and range of movement has become considerably worse.
My mother is all but crippled with arthritis and cannot have any arthritis medication or any type of anti inflammatory as they caused internal bleeding resulting in her being very poorly for a long time. She has had both feet pinned and both knees replaced. In 12 years since diagnosis her quality of life is almost zero. Her arthritis has spread rapidly round her body.
I do not wish to spend months/years taking tablets and hiding pain I would rather just get the knee replaced.
I guess what I’m asking is what do I say to my doc? What questions should I be asking. I don’t even know what type of arthritis it’s is. I already exercise but it’s becoming more and more difficult. I don’t want to get to a point where I can do very little then be unfit/unhealthy and by the time I get knee replaced be unable to bounce back and feel the benefits.


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    Hello, I am so sorry you find yourself in this position. There are between eight to ten million arthritics in the UK with osteoarthritis being the most common - it sounds as though that is what you have. I have it in both ankles, both knees, both hips and elsewhere. I began my first arthritis back in 1997 when I was 37 and then the osteo was diagnosed in 2011. I'm still mobile (albeit not for very long :wink: ) and although my life has been very much changed by both versions of the disease I am doing OK.

    There is little to be done for OA in terms of treatment, it is a matter of pain relief, maybe an anti-inflammatory with a stomach protector, maybe a referral to physio for targeted exercises and sensible general exercise. A knee replacement can become an option once a certain level of damage has been reached but I know from my experience of eight years ago (when I was 52) I was deemed too young. :lol:

    What has your GP recommended? As for your other leg it could be playing up as you are naturally and unconciously putting it under extra stress to reduce pain and to compensate for the damaged joint. This is the time to start using a stick (held in the hsnd opposite to the affected knee) to protect your better leg and slow the process of the degeneration. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi. Knees aren’t they just lovely! I’ve had trouble with a knee for a couple of years now,had an injection 2 years ago. Pretty painful now which is affecting my daily living etc. Where I live the Dr cannot refer you to orthopaedics but to MSK where they access you and decide which path to send you down. Of course this takes time, Around 6 months I am told for assessment. I take max paracetamol a day plus Naproxen. Doesn’t mask the pain really. Dr won’t give me stronger painkillers due to bad history with them. I have RA and OA. One hip replacement and now the other one is playing up. Dr today said keep smiling and I do. Perhaps ask your DR to arrange x rays and take it from there. Best of luck.