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Hi, I am really hoping to get some support for my condition. I am going through a flare at the moment which is causing a lot of pain. The situation was made worse in January when I woke up one morning unable to weight bear on my right leg. I was sent to A&E by my GP who, after a couple of tests diagnosed a baker's cyst on my knee. I was told there is nothing they can do so I have go put up with it until it disperses. Some months later I experience more pain in both my knees, unfortunately because the pain in my right knee has been quite bad I have now caused a problem with my left knee. I contacted my Rheumy nurse who arranged for me to see a doctor urgently. He withdrew fluid from both knees and gave me steroid injections and said he wanted to see some x-rays. It turns out that I have a broken right leg just below the knee joint. After lots more tests the end result is that it is an old break, probably going back some months! I am already taking oramorph for my back so they are leaving me on it for the time being to deal with my knee pain as I have had some treatment on my back which has improved that. The hospitals seem to be running around now trying to help for which I am grateful. I have had 8 different appointments and scans at 2 different hospitals in the last 10 days. I am seeing a consultant surgeon in a couple of weeks to decide whether he can replace the knee or whether the break has to heal some more. I am wondering whether anyone else has experienced this sort of situation and whether there is hope at the end of the tunnel. The pain is horrendous and sometimes not sure how much more I can put up with. Some help or advice or indeed support would be great.
What a horrendous disease this is. The adverts certainly give some idea. Thank you so much.


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    Hello, I am sorry you are having such a rough time. I have psoriatic and osteoarthritis plus fibromyalgia so know a little about the frustrations this condition can bring. I broke my upper left humerus back in January 2014 and, thanks to my habit of minimal pain relief, knew all about it. Orthopaedics were confident it would heal within six weeks and were peeved when it didn't. I knew it would take longer thanks to the immuno-suppressant meds and did not expect them to understand as that is not their area of 'expertise'.

    You seem to have a lot going on - I never found the joint draining and steroiding of any use. The only steroid that worked was an injection into my right ankle for the OA but as that starting hurting again three months later I decided enough was enough so routinely refuse them. Do you have any idea how you broke your leg and what is going on with your back? I have multiple joints affected by the arthritis but do my best to maintain and hold correct posture to keep my back in as good a nick as possible. It's far from easy, living with arthritis, but millions do and I am sure make a better fist of it than the TV adverts portray.

    Not many people look in on this board as it is reserved for VA information, more read Living With Arthritis so if you repost there you might generate more replies. Not many regularly post nowadays, everyone wants help and support but often don't have the time to give it. DD
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    Crikey :o :shock: So you've been walking around on a broken leg? And didn't notice because of (a)back pain and (b)the morphine taken for the back pain? That's a tough deal.

    Have any of these appointments been able to help you yet? I hope one will.

    I have two knee and two hip replacements but, frankly, my surgeon won't operate now unless it's urgent. One hip replacement has shot up too far and the knee replacement below it has slid round so I'm getting a bit beyond fixing :lol: I don't like strong pain relief though so I don't do it. I have done - when the hip went beserk a few months ago - but managed to get off it again.

    I hope your leg will mend itself enough for the TKR op to take place. Please let us know how you're getting on. Living With Arthritis is a better forum for this as more people look in. Good luck with it all.
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