good news Lacri Lube eye returns

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Hi all

for all those that have eye issues and used to use lacri lube, i have good news as its finally coming back.
i know there was a lot of talk about lacri lube around 18 months ago when they pulled it off the shelves world wide and everyone had to switch to xalin which although similar did not work great for me in my blind eye.
a week after that there was 3 tubes on ebay for £500 and it had two bids.

finally it has gone through re testing and re licencing and its coming back under a new name.

Refresh Lacri Lube should (i say should lightly) be available some time in september.

soz wont let me add a picture. try the link


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    Thanks, MrDJ, that is good news for those who use it! I hope it makes life more comfortable again. DD
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    I was given lacri lube years ago when in hospital. I did like it, but never had it since. I now get Vita - pos on prescription. It's incredibly messy to use. :?

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