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I've had OA in my thumbs for about 5 yrs and 3.5 yrs ago had steroid injections in them which didn't really do much. I've been on co-codamol and naproxen since it was originally diagnosed and tramadol for just over a year (used sparingly when needed (Dr prescribed me 60 for a 6 month period so they are used carefully). Had x-ray on feet at start of year and have OA in both big toe base joints which I thought (although it had been there longer but foot pain was masked by plantar fasciitis) Have stiff similar pain in ankles too but they weren't x-rayed and am also getting that familiar pain in knee joints! I try and limit the co-codamol to two lots daily sometimes 3 and sometimes its necessary to take the tramadol instead again I try not to take more than two doses a day. As tramadol and co-codamol keep me from sleeping (my mind just races) I have amatryptalene at night. Yes I do rattle :D I was wondering if any of you get, from time to time, an all over ache, bit like flu (but not obviously). I can be fine in the morning having taken the pills as normal and go to shop lunchtime when I've finished work then get home and am hunched as I carry shopping in. It gets abandoned on floor I take tramadol and go for a lie down before getting up a couple of hours later to do the school pick up for grandchildren. I have to lie down as I actually can't function. After that all over ache seems to go till next time. It's random though as I can have a brilliant couple of days and then suddenly boom, and that's when I haven't been overdoing it. Funnily enough if I have been running round after children or gardening (which I pace myself at) it doesn't seem to happen then. Thanks. I know this is rather long for a first post. Sorry.


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    Hi Kazbol
    it sounds like you have been managing your arthritis quite well but that it might be time for a bit of a review, would it be worth talking to your GP about your flu like symptoms? In my experience this is a symptom I get and I would associate it with my arthritis flairing. You might find this section of our website useful https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/managing-symptoms/
    Your symtoms may be a flair but the could be something else. I would certaintly recommend getting checked out by your GP. Maybe keep a diary for a few weeks and note down how often and when you get these flu like symptoms. It is often hard for us to be kind to ourselves so be sure to look after yourself. Let us know how you get on. I am sure the members on here will be able to share their advice and experiece with you
    Best Wishes
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    Thanks, yes I've already mentioned to GP twice, last time, in July, she suggested maybe I try Duluxetine (think that's correct spelling). She said give it a go for 2 weeks. Took one and didn't like the way it made me feel (considering I can take diazepam and tramadol with no funny feelings) I then googled it and found it had contra indications with Tramadol, naproxen and sumatriptan(I take when I get a migraine). They have very dodgy side effects too. So as was due to go to France a couple of weeks later with grandchildren decided best to leave for a while and stick to what I know. Dont really want to take them again. Thanks for your comments, I did wonder if it was a flair up and as my GP wasn't that bothered, just thought it was one of those things! It's nice to talk to people who also have arthritis and have an idea about what I'm saying as none of my family do and none of my friends have arthritis.
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    I am new to the site too and have inflammatory OA in my fingers which is very painful. I am managing on paracetamol as co-codamol made me feel awful and am on Methotextrate. I get those achy all over feelings very frequently and have to push myself to get up for work. It takes me ages to get going but hadn't associated it with the OA. I can only say I empathise and will mention it next time I see the GP. Good luck

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    Hi kazbol and welcome from me too.

    As regards your question about an all-over ache - we can't diagnose on here so this is merely an opinion from someone with many years of RA and OA under the belt (and over it :lol: ) but, to be honest, I think your body is just trying to tell you you're doing way too much.

    I think it's a very natural thing to take meds in order to carry on as usual but our bodies have changed so our 'usual' has to change to. I certainly don't advocate a life of unlimited leisure and 'couch potatoness' but some concessions have to be made. I like to think of it as yielding the battle in order to win the war. One little thing that could easily be changed. Why not get groceries delivered? Al the main supermarkets do it. I don't know how it works with others but my delivery guys are lovely. They put all the stuff on the kitchen table and I can put it away at my leisure.

    OA invariably gives us payback when we overdo things. We just have to learn what is overdoing it for us (everyone's different) and try not to do it again. But, if we do keep doing it, we'll keep getting the same result.

    Please don't apologise for a 'long post'. It wasn't :D
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