Things just seem to be getting worse !!!

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My moaning story...... well that's how I feel when my partner asks me "how are you doing """
Hate feeling like this. My life is so restricted now due to OA. Getting it all over now.
I have degenerative disc desiese in my spine with nuts and bolts in my back and after a recent scan found my new pains where OA in both hips, lower back and 1 knee.
I had a jab in my shoulder a few months back as I played a lot of Pool and was having problems, but that's worn off again and both my shoulders hurt now !!! Doctor in the morning again and I know it's the OA now in my shoulders... oh yes I have it in my fingers too..
I'm 51 single parent with 2 teenage kids. Just not getting a break. On morphine for years 60mgs a day plus others. Bacolfen, etc etc .
Short story over ...
Anyway great to have so many support wise, hope there are some breakthroughs for us all in the future.


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    Morning basketcase99, I'm so sorry to hear of your problems with Arthur. I'm sure others will be along soon to support you. We're a mixed bunch, all with one type of arthritis or other, and/or problems related to the beast. t's particularly hard when you have children.

    I have RA with Sjogren's syndrome and Vasculitis. OA, and OP with spinal fractures, and various other problems that stem from one arthritis or the other. I'm glad you found us, but sorry you need to be here. If you feel like a bit of company, perhaps you could pop in Val's cafe for cuppa, piece of cake (calorie free) and listen to the bonkers cafe dwellers ramble on in our quirky way. Take care.


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    I am sorry things are so rough for you at the moment, we all know what it's like and how sometimes it can take ages for things to feel an improvement. I began my first arthritis back in 1997 when I was 37 and then OA was diagnosed in 2011. It's been a steady decline all the way but that is the nature of the beast - then factor in the ageing process to boot and it is very much NOT FUN. :x

    I've reaped the benefit of two medical breakthroughs in my lifetime, the development of steroid creams which cleared my eczema and the invention of steroid inhalers which sorted my lungs. The meds for my psoristic arthritis have slowed its progression and the OA is something over which I can exercise some control as to its severity. Yep, life could be better but, overall, it ain't too bad. If I tell myself that often enough I might even begin to begin to believe it. :lol: DD
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