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Hi my name is Peter Read 53 year old male from Uxbridge new to this forum.

But not new to the osteoarthritis that is traverling downwards.
through my joints for the last 25 years...

So ive had a few opps proberly like some of you to date wont bore you with the mcl and acl reconstruction but my jouney started in 97 got put through a windsreen on my push bike that started it all off in my wrists scafoid break next ten yearsdouble wrist fushion...

Last 7 years both knees replaced by a brilliant surgeon Hi Peter, I’ve edited out the name of your surgeon, we don’t allow names of any medical personnel, Yvonne (moderator)

Last year after being in pain with my left ankle for two years had a talos fushion of myy ankle again brilliant surgeon [deleted text] 2 days before my birthday nice glass of morphine...

But on the brighter my knees were my own downfull running abuse for 15 years from age of 20done loads of half marathons down London marathron twice ,cross contry tough guy like the tough mudder was a keen fell walker done most of the wainrights also been a suba diving instructer and got a dan grade in aikido bit hard with no wrists joints but you adapt....

So im hopping to get some info. And sharing some of mine i look foward to being part of this group thanks Peter...


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    Hi Peter
    Welcome to the forum,you sound like me full of joint replacements but gets rid if the intensive pain once the joints are fixed, my latest is a hip replacement great movement now. We are a very friendly and sympathetic people who will understand what you are going through.we will try and make you feel part of the forum the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    All the best Christine
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    Hello, I began my first arthritis (psoriatic, an auto-immune type) aged 37 and then had OA diagnosed when I was 52. Some joints have one, some the other and others both. I haven't had any replacements as I was refused on the grounds of youth and now, because everything is so much worse, probably won't bother.

    I managed to get into this state thanks to my genetic inheritance, my parents ensured I have to deal with what they couldn't be bothered to do. Both lived and met in Uxbridge but I don't blame the town. The OA is preferable as I can predict when it will be worse and to some extent can control it by not overdoing things and not eating too many pickled onions etc. The other has a mind of its own and is always worst in the summer which is OK as the OA tends to be a bit better behaved then.

    I began with one joint and now have around forty so life has its challenges. I am currently not dealing with them very well so will say tarah for now. DD
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    Hi Peter and welcome from me too.

    If you've been used to such an active lifestyle the OA must have made a huge difference to you. Have you managed to replace the Wainwrights and the marathons with something(s) less demanding but equally attractive? That's my key to living with arthritis. Whenever something goes I find something else. Given that I've had it since I was 15 that's a lot of 'something elses' :wink: and an interesting life.

    I'm sure you'll be a great asset to the forum as we do get quite a few people who really struggle to give up running and other very demanding sports. I think you would be in a far better position to advise than most of us on here so welcome aboard :D
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