RA & Menopause

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Hi, I'm 49 and diagnosed with RA 12 months ago. Until recently have been doing well with methotrexate and naproxen, but seem to be getting more flare up lately. I think I maybe starting with the menopause, so just wondering if it's possible that the menopause exacerbates the symptoms.


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    Hi lol70w
    Thanks for your enquiry and I'm sorry that there's been such a delay in replying. I'll be raising this with my colleagues and please do accept our apologies.
    The menopause is a specialist subject and one about which not enough is currently known. There is limited evidence to suggest oestrogen levels can play a role in arthritis, but there is not enough evidence to conclude what the relationship may be.
    Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis can sometimes be similar to those of the menopause, such as fatigue and higher temperature.
    I'm attaching our information and do see the section on managing your symptoms, where you can see tips on managing a flare-up.


    If you'd like any further information, or to talk about your arthritis you'd be most welcome to ring our free phone.
    Kind regards