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This is my first time posting on any forum so please bear with me. have been diagnosed with arthritis of the knee and 18 months ago was told I need an arthroscopy. My consultant told me I needed to quit smoking which I have done. I was then told my BMI was too high so I lost 3 stones in weight. I have now been told that arthroscopy is no longer on the elective surgery list for my health trust and as my pain is not constant (I get severe flare ups) I cannot have the procedure. I am at present off work as my pain is too severe. My employer is being really understanding but I cannot expect him to keep being so.
I have worked all my life in manual jobs, have never claimed benefits and all I want to do is go to work and do my job for the next 5 years until I retire. Now it seems I may have to leave work and attempt to claim benefits. I don't have a clue where to start with that! I now feel that after a life of working hard and raising a family I am being consigned to the scrap heap.
Apologies for the rant. I needed to write this down just to get it off my chest.


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    Hi Michael,
    Welcome to the forum which I hope can provide some useful information and assistance for you.
    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with knee arthritis over the past 18 months and its ongoing impact upon your job.
    There's lots of useful information on our website such as here and here
    In addition, you may wish to contact our helpline on 0800 520 0520 they are open Monday to Friday.
    I would encourage you to participate in the forums where other members will no doubt be able to offer some useful advice.

    All the best
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    Michael, that's so sad that you've worked so hard both to support your family and at losing weight and stopping smoking yet feel you are now being chucked on the scrap heap.

    Well, your work and determination to get the weight off and stop smoking shows that you are a very determined person and that determination will help you deal with arthritis.

    You don't say what medication you're on or if you've been offered physio or even a local pain clinic.

    This is the government benefits site . I know it's not what you want but it can't help to investigate what you might be eligible for. Let's face it, you've paid in all your life. It owes you something back now. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau would help you work your way through it.

    As for arthroscopy - quite a few trusts don't do them now on the grounds that they're not hugely successful - unlike replacements. I do know a woman who had a very successful one but I know of more who found that, a best, they only got a couple of years help.

    You don't need to apologise for telling it like it is. We all get the frustration and anger that arthritis can bring. I hope you can soon start to feel a bit more positive about your future.

    P.S. Have you read the 'Awareness of Access to Work.......' thread at the top of this forum?
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