Morning all - PSA sufferer here

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Hi all - last year I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis at the grand old age of 33! I appreciate there will be others who've suffered from a younger age and had to put up with all the "but arthritis only happens to old people" comments!

It was a relief to get a diagnosis at least as by that point, I could barely stand up in the mornings (it's in both knees and both ankles mostly).

I started on Sulfasalazine which was ok to be fair - no side effects and the pain was significantly reduced. However, the consultant wasn't satisfied so I've gone on to Humira. The initial results were good but I have relapsed a bit and looking for advice. Which part of the forum am I best to post on to find a fellow Humira taker?

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    Good morning CE

    Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find support, advice, empathy, friendliness, and light relief. There are people on here who have psoriasis arthritis and will be able to answer any of your queries. Please remember, though, that,they will speak from their own experiences. There is no one on this forum who is medically trained.

    There are members on here who are on humira and will be able to answer any questions you may be have and things you are worried about.

    The most used, answered and read sessions on this forum is 'Living with,Arthritis'. It would be a good idea to have a look around all the forum as you will be able to familiarise yourself with all that is going on in the forum.

    At the top of the page you will see different subjects which Versus
    Arthritis cover and you may find these useful. If at anytime you want to talk to some one on a one-2-one basis you can ring our very helpful freephone helpline which is open Monday to Frida. The number is 0800 520 0520.

    I am one of the moderation team, we all have one or more of the arthritis 'hanger ons' or look after family with the same.
    I look forward to reading your future posts and to read how you are doing.

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    Hi and welcome from me too :)

    I don't do humira but, if you put the term into the search engine (penultimate tab on the green menu line) former threads will come up.

    Having said that, my experience on here has taught me that (a) what is medical chalk for one person ís medical cheese for another and (b) those who are doing well, on any meds, don't come here as they have no need.

    Good luck!
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