PIP and social care payment

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Hello I receive direct payments from my local council, when I was on DLA (which I received for life) I received my night care component back as the council do not provide night care help, I was moved over to PIP and now they take the whole amount even though they do not provide me with night care is this legal? I need help during the night so have friends and family stay over and pay petrol or buy supper so surely I should get the £27.45 a week back. Anyone else had this problem and resolved it?


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    Hello lifesucks. Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community on behalf of the moderating team.

    I am really very sorry to hear about your problem since being transferred onto Personal Independence Payment instead of Disability Living Allowance. I was under the impression that Night needs are no longer taken into account under the new system. It does sound unfair for you to lose all of your benefit now and personally I would be seeking clarification and advice from Citizen’s Advice.

    I can’t remember this issue coming up before so will be very interested to read the responses you get form our members.

    I hope to see you posting in future.

    Best wishes