Pregnancy with Arthritis

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Hi everyone, I’m new here :)

8 months after having my daughter I developed sepsis in my sacroiliac joint and was hospitalised for a month with strong IV antibiotics, since then around 3 years ago I’ve developed inflammatory arthritis (although the exact type is still under investigation) but the joints affected are quickly spreading recently so I’m hoping to get on some medication soon!

My question is me and my husband are desperate for another baby and just wondered if anyone has any experience with being pregnant with arthritis? What is your experience of it and how did you body cope during and after you had the baby?
I know I will be more open to more infections and flare ups but I’m petrified how my body will cope! And there isn’t really a solid answer from professionals to how risky it is!

Any help/experiences would be appreciated!



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    Hi Jcdixon,

    Welcome to the forum, congratulations re your daughter who I bet is running rings round you at 3 ish and now it’s time for your second child. We do have a few mums who look in from time to time, those who have children with arthritis and those, like you who are parents with arthritis.

    Here’s Charlottes story, she shared her experiences of pregnancy and arthritis for us

    If you want to talk over anything we have a helpline,
    0800 520 0520 from 9am until 8pm weekdays.

    Keep posting, let us know how you get on, let us help with ideas and share hi's and low's

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    My first experience of pregnancy with RA was almost identical to that of Grace111. Remission during: dreadful after for months. My second pregnancy was like the first but without the remission and now with two little ones to look after. My husband and parents were brilliant but there was never going to be a third :lol:

    This might help
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