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Hi iv been living with fibromyalgia for 7/8 yrs. Now today after being in pain and so so tired I’m being tested for rheumatoid arthritis AGAIN . My joints from my earlobes down swell and ache all day everyday. My knees swell, my fingers swell and my feet grow to giant sizes! I wake up in pain and it takes me at least 20 mins to get off the bed! I wake in the night , my hips hurt and my back is throbbing. My neck hurts and I’m a miserable old cow !😪😪. Iv no life ! I’m so tired! I get up and most days go back back to bed! Do any of you think it’s more then fibromyalgia? And by the way Hello my name is Karen . Thank you for any replies .


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    Hi Karen and welcome to our forums.

    Very sad to hear of your continuing severe pain with fibromyalgia. Many of us will know of the exhaustion from living with this and can sympathise greatly.

    You might find a few useful bits of information from our website on the subject:

    None of us here are medical professionals and so we won't be able to say with any certainty that what you have is something more than your diagnosis. Do you take anything for pain relief or have prescription drugs to help you?

    If you need to talk to anyone in confidence, you might try our Helplines on
    0800 5200 520 Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm.

    Do keep coming back to ask questions and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes