My story about living with arthritis

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I am 39 year old lady

Hi all back in 2000 I was working and I was on my way to work as normal and I was travelling by bus and it was my next stop so I got up and pressed the bell suddenly out off no where a car went in front of the bus the driver of the bus had to do a emergency stop so with this I went flying back on to my back, I was asked at the time if I needed assistance I said I be fine.

I had to give up work because I suffered with low back pain in 2004 my daughter was born and my back really started to hurt some days I couldn’t even lift my baby girl up I knew something was wrong.

Went to my doctors they gave me tablets for the pain didn’t work so I changed doctors but at the time I was quite big cut a long long story short.

By now I am divorced and I have a new boyfriend who doesn’t live with me and my daughter

At my new doctors I asked them to look at my back so I was sent for a MRI scan this was in 2015 and I had lost a lot of weight by now had my results I couldn’t believe what I was reading I had damaged a bit of my spine in resulting of a heavy blow this was what I did in 2000 and i went to my doctors and they said I have arthritis in my spine and in my neck I cried.

I have had 4 injections in both my hips and 6 injections in my spine

It’s now 2019 I have arthritis in my neck spine hips and I have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and sciatica in both legs I sadly lost my dad last year that’s why I think my health has got worse I am on 16 tablets a day for all this plus I am on morphine patches and sadly my daughter is 15 now and she’s my young carer and she helps me dress cook wash and helps with shopping and she does this before school and after school.

My boyfriend helps when he can but he does a 38 hours a week at work 6 days a week so he helps on his days off.

That’s it my story 🐶🐶