Still going to the gym, even though it was the cause

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Hi All
I wondered if anyone has had my experience. I have been a keen gym person and cyclist for decades. Just over two years ago after a hard spin session, I felt a bit stiff in my right knee but thought nothing of it. The next day I ended up in A&E in absolute agony in my right knee. After months of investigation, it turns out that I developed severe osteoarthritis in both knees with significant tissue rips. There was no warning whatsoever, it just happened overnight. The consultant, top one in the UK, said I was just unlucky that my keeping fit caused the degradation. I have been advised that I must keep up the gym, particularly to build up muscle around the knees and back of the legs. I do not take pain killers, as I try to lead a normal life and I do not want to mask anything that might be happening. Some days I am not aware of it, other days it is awful. I have explained to everyone what is going on, so they are not too fazed when I try to work out how get of a chair sometimes in a restaurant!


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    Welcome TerryVerdon,
    Thank you for your post and I am sorry to read about your osteoarthritis in your knees. I really hope you are able to keep the gym going.

    There are a number of different forums so please have a look around and feel welcome to join them.
    Please find attached the versus arthritis phone helpline number:
    0800 520 0520

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    Hi Terry
    Sorry to hear about your knee. It seems very unfair that your efforts to keep yourself fit have resulted in this wear and tear but there’s nothing fair about arthritis of any kind!

    It makes sense that you should keep some sort of exercise going in order to maintain muscle tone.

    A good sports physio might be able to help you work out an exercise plan that will maintain things without worsening anything.

    We tend to talk about pain killers as pain dullers here. I can understand your reluctance to use meds but there are occasions when they can help so don’t write them off altogether.
    Again - a physio will have some advice on this too.

    I was a gym bunny until my rheumatoid arthritis reared its head and I had to give up my membership. I also had to give up my profession so it was not a good time. It’s only now, ten years later, that I’ve finally got the medication that’s given me back my life. I’m one of the lucky ones.

    Let us know how you get on.
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    Hi Terry feel for you been there done that marathon runnerfor years gym martial arts aikido for years...
    Poped my acl and my mcl in 2005 down would from there both wrists fused both knees replaced and last year left ankle fushion but like you i still go to the gym you need to focus as others have said core strengh the plank is good also laying down side leg raises....
    Not trying to teach you to suck eggs but as a keep fit fanic in my younger days paying for it now...
    Be positive there is always some one worst off