Great toe fusion and bone graft from hip

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Hi people,
I had great toe fusion for osteoarthritis with bone graft taken from my hip 12 weeks ago.
In March I had Cartiva cartilage replacement inserted into the joint but unfortunately I got a bone infection and had it removed four weeks later.
Because my joint was ‘rubbish’ as described by my surgeon, my toe is now a good half inch shorter than prior to surgery.
I had cheilectomy of two fairly large spurs and osteotomy with the first surgery.
Is there anyone else here with similar experience?
I’m struggling with good pain relief, mainly because I’ve been on crutches and walking boot for four months (stopped using now, thank goodness) so my hips are really uncomfortable.
I’m not great with opioids, they make me feel really unwell and I’ve had to swear off ibuprofen due to interference with bone growth and having the graft.
I didn’t realise how badly having hallux rigidus affects your whole gait and the knock on effect with other joints. My knee on the affected side is getting worse. I actually broke my ankle on that side about five years ago which I think was due to my not placing my foot properly on the bottom step and slipping. The HR has a tendency to make you roll your foot on walking because the joint gets stiffer and painful.
Anyhoo, that’s my story. As I said, anyone else anything similar?

Don’t you dare take away my HRT. It makes me feel more normal and helps my pain.