Just got back from A and E!!

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Hi All

Not having good day today :
Got up this morning to walk downstairs and my left knee gave way, heard a ripping sound and ended up in heap at bottom of stairs .
I sat at bottom of stairs started feeling hot sweaty and wanted to be sick.
I had to ring my Daughter to come round ,I can’t put weight through my leg and I’m in excruciating pain behind my knee ,can’t straighten my leg now it is agony.
Had job getting out of my house ,took my hubby and daughter to get me in the car .
I had to get help get me in A E at hospital .
Had X-ray done but they saying they can’t see any fracture.
I’ve now been kicked out A E and I’m vegetating on the sofa ,can’t do anything ,luckily my bathroom is downstairs and I’ve been given crutches.
Everything seems to be going wrong at moment , I’ve been given appt to go back to clinic at AE on Wednesday don’t know how manage till then .
I’m going have sleep downstairs at moment because no way I can get up stairs the way I am at moment .
Will have wait see if it settles down over weekend worried caused more damage to knee and feel like ripped something in back of my knee..
I’m feeling pretty fed up at moment .


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    What a blow! Wednesday must seem like a very long way ahead and I do hope you are able to make yourself reasonably comfortable until then.

    There are ligaments and other 'soft tissues' you may have injured that wouldn't show up on an x-ray so if the pain remains as severe it might be worth contacting your GP for advice. Meanwhile, if you haven't already done so it might be worth trying ice on the knee - a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a towel can be soothing and help reduce swelling.

    I do hope things soon settle a bit for you and that your Wednesday appointment shows no serious damage. Let us know how you get on.