Rheumatoid Arthritis- Please help me, to help others

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Hi everyone,

I am a trainee social worker. I have worked in the caring professions for years, however always with young people (mainly youth offending and child protection).

I am now training to work in Adult Social Care and am beginning work with adults who have Rheumatoid Arthritis. my role is to support people in more ways than just practically. I want to know more about how people who have this disease think I could help socially and emotionally. (what is it you would like to see a social worker support you with?)

obviously everyone is very different and that is how I will work, yet I feel if I can understand a little more from the viewpoint of someone with arthritis, it will hopefully help me to be a better social worker and empower more people.

thank you in advance!


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    Hi Jackson1602

    I think your post will be good in one of the chit chat forums as there might be someone there that can help you.

    Welcome to our forums and hope you manage to get some help with what you are looking for.

    I have attached the versus arthritis website as this might be able to help you aswell.
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    That's excellent news, Jackson. I've had RA for nigh on 60 years but never had a social worker though I do find physios and Occy Therapists brilliant. I think the answer to your question probably lies in just reading the posts on here. Some are from 'OAers' but lots are from those of us with autoimmune forms of arthritis. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will take your advice and go off into the other forums and read over those. Also thank you for signposting versus arthritis, I have found this website immensely helpful so far.

    Thanks again
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    I think it's wonderful that you're asking folks who live with this chronic condition. It can be terribly debilitating, and being able to talk to someone who has a reasonable amount of general knowledge, and a willingness to listen and empathise is a real bonus. So as SW said-read about the joys and trials we live with, and approach each person as an individual- without a preconception of how it feels to walk in their shoes.
    Good luck with your research.