Knee Pain update

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Hi All,

Just an update on my knee , been to A and E again today had look at my knee, my X-ray has shown degenerative changes in my left knee (supposedly )
The dr has said I need to get an MRI scan to see if I have any cartilage damage when my knee gave way last week.
I’ve got an appt on Friday to see my dr to discuss my X-ray report .
I’m still in lot pain and it is difficult walking up downstairs ,the back of my good knee is throbbing.
I’ve spent last 5 nights on sofa bed ,but I’ve decided I need to start sleeping up stairs to try get better nights sleep.
My knees feel like Tin man out of wizard oz ,feel like they need oiling lol .
I’m still off work at moment until I get advice from my GP.
I dread to think how long the wait is for an MRI ?
It’s going to be another long drawn out process to see what is wrong 😩
I feel like it’s de ja vue all over again, as this was how my right knee started 16 months ago.
MRI scan then arthroscopy weeks off work .
I’ve had pip form come through I’ve filled it in don’t know if I’ll get anywhere with it, worth a try
I’m trying to up my activity levels ,as sitting down on sofa all day is not doing me any good I know.
Hopefully the GP can help on Friday advise further .
I will keep you updated , everything is hard work at moment feel like 3 steps forward 2 back 😩


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    I'm sorry things are still so rough for you and I hope Friday's appointment will help. May I suggest you post any further updates on the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look on there? Good luck :D
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