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Hi every one. Joined after being diagnosed 3 weeks ago with arthritis in my right wrist after a year of pain,no grip,un controllable shakes,spasms and handwriting that looks like a spiders legs had been dipped in ink. No wonder voltarol didn't work. I also have degenerative disc disease.


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    Hi Jo
    welcome to the forums, sorry to read you have been diagnosed with arthritis in your wrist. Do you know what type of arthritis it is and what medication you have been started on. We have some information on hand and wrist pain that you might find useful
    I am sure some of our members will also share their experiences with you
    Best Wishes
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    Hi Jo and welcome from me to. I'd guess you're talking about osteoarthritis. I have both that and rheumatoid and my hands were the first affcted joints. Don't underestimate the value of voltarol. All these things have a part to play. But, judging by my own experience of far too many years, I'd guess that your hand shakes and spasms are more to do with nerve damage from your spinal problems. What do the docs say?
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